Sunday, 18 April 2010

April Update - Dont take breaks

Hey Guys

Just a quick one. April basically hasn't gone to plan, it started out a complete blank in the 1st week as I had a wedding and then was on an intense driving course which lasted 8 days and which I passed 1st time :-) after numerous days of driving tilt cause of the rigged government DSA fuckin system, but I wont go into that. I think I only managed 200 games in a week and lost $$$ over the 200 games. I was running bad but also playing bad and confidence was low. Its un-believeable how much you lose sharpness after 10 days off or only playing here an there. You lose confidence, balls, sharpness and basically the ability to win. Since Monday gone however it has been much better both volume and playing wise. I really felt I played my A game most of the week and only really remember 1 FT mistake were I shoved 11BB to from the H/J to steal with K7o, didn't really need to do it as I was 3rd in chips and playing well, but I picked a bad spot to shove with 4 left to act if I never I could have took it down. Final tables are were the money is made n lost so when I make a mistake on them I tend to beat myself up alot more than if I did say mid tourny

Also been taking advantage of Nick this week. He has assigned himself 9-2 in the day to sit on skype and live coach students as they're playing. Its fantastic to have him on hand for help, encouragement and obvs training. The course gets better with new things being introduced week in week out, it doesn't seem to stand still or go stale as nicks always adding little things in. I think I tend to annoy him sometimes as I constantly firing spots over but am sure he would rather that than not doing it at all as the more money I make the more he makes and lets face it, when it goes dark, that's why we're here.

Also a quick shout to bodeye, not much to say apart from that kids a poker genius and if you're unlucky enough to encounter him at your tables, good luck. I think some students tend to give away to much in their blog posts which I don't like to do but if you haven't read this one from FoxyShazam then go an read it now. The kids a good player that's for sure but he also very clever were the psychology part of the game is concerned to

Here's my April graph, hoping to play 1000 games more before the end of April after a slow start and would be happy to stick to $3 game at the end of it and also come out with platinum star.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Justice for the 96 - You'll Never Walk Alone

One day the city of Liverpool WILL get justice for what happened on that tragic day. However 21 years on an its still no closer.





Thursday, 1 April 2010

April goals

Hey Guys

Below are my April goals, tough but achievable if I work hard enough.

1. Play 2400 SNGs
2. Study 5 hours a week + attend, or get recordings of, all HH reviews
3. Profit at $4 per game
4. Remember I do this shit for a living an put 9 hours a day 5 days a week minmum
5. Figure how the fuck to get PT3 to pick up my tourney results

Hopefully by the end of April Everton will be above Liverpool to

Peace out!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

FML - More MTT shafting

There isnt anyone who likes a bad beat story but this one is comin anyway! I am deffo gonna take this MTT down one day but this is my latest soul destroyin beat in it. The tourney is the $7.50 turbo on stars an averages about 1200 runners an this chip leader pot was with 15 left an $1.7k FTW. The guy was a maniac as cogs will tell you because he was railing. It was obvious he was isolating super wide with ATo being pretty much the top of his range in that spot, he had showed down some very suspect hands. So sick.

Monday, 29 March 2010

1st week of elite

Hey Fish

Last week I was given the amazin opportunity of joining Rainmans elite team of students. We get to work super closely to the likes of Bodeye2, johnnyhilldo and not to mention the man himself MI_turtle. We also get the chance to go live in california an meet eveyone for a weeks intenseive training which is just going to be the nuts. Nicks been fantastic this week and is always on hand to answer questions about diffucult spots etc an how we could have played hands differently. Last night nick was 13 tablin MTT's an still managed to find time to look at a spot from one of $12/180 FT/s.

One thing is I really feel alot more confident now when playing the $12s and I genuinely feel like the best player at most final tables I make. I am learning to jab my way through them alot more an turning alot more FT appearances into wins which feels good. I am also mixin low buy in MTT's an the daily $7.50 turbo on stars hs got my name all over it soon. My last deep run I lost a big pot with 16/1125 left. My exit hand was sick an for a chip leader pot an $1.4k for the win. 3 limpers an I punish them by shoving with 18bb an AQs on the button, the SB & BB come along with A9s & JJ an the A9s flops the nutz an its gg me, FML.

Lastly can I just say a big congrats to the boss yesterday as after my session I railed him to victory on the $8+r Final Table. Its was so funny as down to 3 handed nick had 1million chips and the other 2 had 6mill and 5mill respectively. Nick asked did they wanna look at number an the chip leader (so confident he would win) said he wanted to take it down for his 1st 5 figure socre. Which ok is fair enough but you still have to win it against one of the best MTT players on stars haha, neeedless to say Nick politely wished them good luck the owned their souls an took it down.

Here's my results monday to monday from my 1st week on the elite team. The results are nice but the easy part was doing it the hard part will be emulating it week in week out, but am gonna give it a good fucking go


Sunday, 28 March 2010

A little something for the doubters

Hey Guys

most reading this know the game but there will be an still is people reading who think they are unlucky, online pokers rigged, its impossible to beat that many fish etc etc so am gonna stick my neck on the line an admit up until 4th jan 2010 I knew a little about this game maybe a bit more than a little but this graph will show me I didnt know how to make money, so really I knew nothing because thats what this game is about

The arrow is a little out but it basically indicates when I met Nick an his team and before that was about the 3200 game mark and at -$1.5k in 18 months, after it well you can see for yourself, 2500 games at +$4.5k in just over 3 months but yeah pokers about luck, online pokers rigged an I was the unluckiest person alive until I actually learned the game an all that chaged!!


Friday, 26 March 2010

back officially as a poker pro and 2010 goals

Hey Guys

Sorry it's been a while with no post but only really hit the tables again full time on monday night. This week has been my most enjoyable yet to date were poker is concerned and made me realise its what I want to do. I managed a total of just under 400 games an a profit of $2k since monday. Yesterday I managed 111 $12/180 turbos in a day an believe me it was exhausting but enjoyable. Nick has also given me alot of his time on skype this week which has been good. He is watching my final tables live an giving me advice after them and going over tough spots with me. He believes in and ecnourages me which is nice and it gives you the confidence to keep going. He is worker and a half an its excellent to have him taking time like he has this week to help me. The mentality part of my game is improving vastly to. I believe if I keep working at my game and improving I can get to a minumum of $3 per game profit at the $12s but could achieve up to $5 and my aim is to play 2k per month minumum. I will no longer be playing the $2s an will be playing $12s and above only.

Since I am going to be doing this shiz for a living from now on I have looked more into the stars rakeback system. Well tbh I never, Pud from over at Betfair did and told cogs who emailed me it all over but its not bad. My aim is to get platinum star next month which should be easy as I only need to play 1364 (less if mixin the $36s) games an its then the equivalent of 23.5% and at the moment I am getting an equivalent of 21% as gold star however my main goal is to make supernova by 31/12/2010 and I am goin to do it no matter what and I will be earning 33%

I also plan on playing alot more MTT's, preferably turbos an hopefully learning Nicks strategys behind them as well as my own game. I managed a deep run in the stars $11/7.5k this week, it got 1100+ runners but I couldnt win a flip for a top 5 pot with 29 left when my JJ was not match for QK/AK all in preflop, sigh but I feel an MTT score is around the corner as I have come close so many times. No one is willing to work harder than me this year so hopefully I will be rewarded.

Lastly but not least I want to make a top 20 appearance in the shakrscope leaderboard for 54>180 man sometime this year and a top 10 in the stars TLB 1 month would be amazin. I know these are tough goals but I am now surrounded in a team with, not only, some of the best players and most succesful proven online poker players in the world but also alot of players that are gonna be the future of this game we all love to hate so if David can go against Goliath with a stone???

I am not gonna be one of these poker players who sits infront of a PC 100 hours per week and hopefully I'll be that good I wont have to. I enjoy life an the good things it brings which is why I am doing this and I am a very sociable person so I am goin to work out some sort of schedule. Its gonna be hard tho because the games run better at nights. However its could involve simply hammering nights sun night - thurs night an havin fri-sat off but we'll see. The other side to coin is that the games are soooooooooo softer during the day so maybe I could play a little less but win as much. I will do some proper experiments over the coming weeks an see. I do know 12 tablin you can get 100 games in 7 hours using only the sync breaks. I have no qualms playing 12 hours a day 4 days a week though.

I will leave you with my graph to date since starting the course as its 7.30pm and I have 100 games to play. I will be blogging alot more. This graph is frustrating as if the personal problems that I had didnt come this would be so much better and I would be so much further.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

badcallthat is back

Hey Guys

The situation is resloved an basically pokers what I want to do. I will be back at the tables pretty soon. I have emailed Nick and asked him can I come back on the course and hopefully he will accept me back. If not I will still be back at the tables from monday. I will be re rolling at the bottom so will start grinding the $2.20/180 and $3.40/45 on stars and will be lookin to play a bare minimum of 600 games per week

I am coming back more focused and more determined to crush this game beyond belief

Good Luck an stay out my way


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Leaving the programme an poker to

Hey Guys

I have had to make a tough decision to leave the course. Its nothing to do with the game itself but basically I have problems and situations in my private life which require 100% attention and I cant give 100% to the course so I felt it would be unfair on both Nick & Allan to continue coaching me.

They are great guys and I felt confident enought to tell them my situation and their response opitmises what they're about. They basically wished me all the luck in the future and they hoped I got everything sorted. They also told me they would welcome me back on the programme at any time an that I was well on my way to earning a very good living off poker. So really its a shame but it doesnt even come close to being as important as what I need to do

People do say 'never say never' so who knows but I very much doubt I will pursue poker as a career in the forseeable future. I do have a message to anyone out there who has aspirations of being a professional poker player though. You really need to understand that the game takesover in the early run. You have to put so much dedication into it its unbelievable. Dont think these players who are winning thousand make an easy living. The likes of the Rainman programme can teach you everything except the psycology of the game. This is something you have to master yourself and belive me it isnt easy, 200 buy in dowswings hurt. You sit there grinding for 10 hours an just receive beat after beat after beat. It aint rigged, you aint unlucky its called variace and will always be there and if you cant handle it you cant win, period. If you let the beats affect your game, you miss +EV spots, you shove in -EV spots and just generally be all over the place. If there was no such thing as a river card we would all be millionaiires quick so shut the fuck up moaning about them cos they are there. Maybe we should invent a new game infact take the 'R' for river of then end of poker an call it poke, same no river, simplessss

Despite all the above I believe I could have beat this game an a 48% roi over my 1st 1500 game aint bad so who knows, but for now its being put to bed. Thanks to everyone who followed and a big thanks to cogs who really helped me get my head round the psycology of the game. I doubt I would have done well over the 1500 games without him helping me with that part all day everyday and we have had some laughs. Only really met him through this an RTR but spoke millions of times on skype an he's a good lad. I will continue to blog about any odd MTT's I play or just general poker an sport. I enjoy it.

Good Luck at the tables fish

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Week 7 - Game Selection

Hey Guys

Hows it goin, sorry for missin week 6 out but I just all mixed up with the weeks by posting mid week. Week 7 has continued well $$$ wise so am happy with that but my move to the $12s has seen me learn a very valuable lesson in game selection. The best time for me to play would be of a night around 6pm-2am because the games run faster which obvs means a bigger $$ per hour/game. I havent really done calculations around hourly rate because for some reason HEM is only picking up 80% of my games and PT3 wants me to manually input all my results, why that is I dont know but the faster the games fill means more games an more money. However this is when I seem to be coming accross alot more regs which is without doubt -EV. Last night for instance I have luvmywife chip210 johnnyhildo and jphillips EeeTee2008 and I GRIND THIS all at the same table of a $12/180 wtf, and all other names I recognised popping up all over the show like 1bigacehole, jbrown877, vertek, longy11 an of course MI_Turtle, plus plenty more even gavin griffin keeps poppin up, I am shocked at how many top players play the 12s tbh, basically all are solid winning players so why would I want to surround myself with them when I have the luxury of being english and able to play say a 9am-5pm schedule when all these guys are tucked up in bed or doing whatever. I really need to do some calculations as to how many games I can play in each 4 hour session etc but I certainly dont mind playing xtra hours to get the same amount of games in if the games are softer at certain times which they undoubtedly are so its time to research the games at each times an see what I come up with. I am no were near as good or experienced as alot of the regs on stars and I dont need to beat the best to flatter my ego, all I need to do is make money.

Its so funny when you hear people talk about 'moving up to were they respect my raises' or 'I cant win with all them donks about' or 'I think its easier to play against the best players' what a load of bull. Anyone who says that again might aswell never player poker again and the funny thing is I used to say the same. The fact is you find the softest easiest game around an play in it cause no matter what the donks throw at you, you play well make the right moves an you'll come out on top.

I squeezed an MTT in this week just the small field $8.80 [500 cap] on stars an managed a final table but the sickness of what happened to me was just sick sick sick. I had 300k in chips an there were 2 short stacks if I remember, I may post the hand history but basically a guy made this like weird shove of 25k, half his stack (or so i thought) but leavin the other 30k chips behind, I misread the shove for like 25k instead of the 250k it was an over shoved with 99 to isolate the shorty, only he werent a shorty an was another big stack with 250k in the middle. I dont know what happened it was pretty weird an quite clever on his part if he meant it but I had been playing about 10 hours an my concentration slipped when I really needed it hold and I ened up out in 5th, I did have 180s up to but it was so sick. I felt by far the best player at the final yet I blew it.

Reviews with nick are still getting better everytime but I am really starting to struggle with the times they're held. I have a 1-2-1 review with him soon which will be my first one and I am really looking forward to it with all sorts of questions on the ready. As mentioned in my previous post the reviews have been going into more around pre an post flop hand reading based on the actions in the hand etc and it really is interesting and I think I am takin alot out of it. We then obviously use stove to measure our hand against their assigned range an make the correct decision accordingly. This isnt to realistic when 15 tablin turbos but will help alot. Yes alot of our decisions are going to be pre flop but you still find yourself in post flop situations, especially if you've chipped up early an people start defending their blind light in the mid stages, on final tables or in MTT's so its important we get to grasp this concept fast. Plus I dont think I want to be on 180 man turbos forever so the course getting more advanced can only be a good thing

Anyway along with the above final which paid $224 I have managed to get lucky an ship 3 12s so far an an a good few finals which has kept my role intact but I am expecting a big downswing soon. Infact I am in a 35 buyin downswing as we speak which is nothing in 180s so I expect it to continue lol. I havent played at all today for the 1st time in weeks. I had 2 seperate universal replayer sessions a 2 hour session with cogs then a 1 hour session on my own then got some hand historys over to nick and basically just chilled as I have played for like 20 days straight in feb.

here is my current graph to date since I started


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Moving up to $12/180

Hey Guys

Things have been going ok since saturday I ended up finishing on the $2s this week an starting on the $12s. My total figures for the $2s were:

Played 989
ROI 56%
Profit $1217

I ended up gettin lucky in the sense that after droppin 15 buyins at the $12s I went an took one down just as I was about to hit the drop back down in buy in amount so that has helped me. After paying paying Nick back his 25% profits etc my roll now stands at $1376 which is ample amount to hit the $12s. I am under no illusions that I may have to drop back down and there will be no shame in doing so, hopefully though, that wont happen. I win at least 1 / 180 manner everyday and hopefully today will be no different

I think I may have done enough to get on the sharkscope leader board for the $2s but I dont seem to be on there yet and I am currently lying 700th in the Feb TLB on stars so hopefully I will maintain that an get in the nice 20k freeroll at the end of the month. I have aslo set a plan to get to gold star by the end of the month, not because I want the 3 shitty lil gold stars next to my name but it means I will have played 400 $12s in the next 2 weeks, acheivable but tough. Also Nick asked me to dabble in the sunday quarter mill on stars which I did this week an min cashed but the encouraging thing is that hopefully I will eventually move towards learning to beat MTT's which we all know is where the big money is.

The reviews are just gettin better an better. Last nights went in depth about pre an post flop hand reading and assigning oppos a range etc. Nick really wont give up once he starts and even gets himself all tangled up sometimes when going really in depth. I mean we all know the genral poker maths but sometimes your talkin mathematics that 98% of poker players simply wont get but he wont stop until we all understand. The more I get to know him the more I get to like him tbh and he is a funny guy when he's not pickin on you. However the thing I like is the whole professionalism about the guy. There is no way I could have done this with anyone else an believe me when I tell you the work he is puttin into this course is phenomanal and if you'e lucky enough to get on it, then lucky you!!! Big thanks Nick if your reading this.

Come on the Everton tonight. This is a massive game for us against Lisbon and I think we will progress to the next round. We are playing well and confidence is high, it should also be the perfect game for Arteta to show his skills after a lengthy period out.

Here is my total graph for the programme and good luck at the tables fish!!!


Saturday, 13 February 2010

$1k mark reached

Hey Guys

I know I said I werent playing again this weekend but about 1am last when I was going to bed an email came thourgh on the blackberry about a rview w/ Nick but at 5am GMT. Anyway Doris was tired an ready for bed and I felt ok so thought Id stay up for the review and ended up firing 20 tables up an winnin about $200 to put me on the $1k profit mark so it ended up being a good choice even if I am really tired now. My coach told me to let him know when I had reached the $1k mark so I have just sent him an email now and will await his reply before playing anythng else, hopefully he will want me to now move up to the $7s but we'll see

Winning 500 buyins in under 1000 games is a real sense of achievement for me and I am not gonna lie... I am really pleased. However I know its only the begining of a very long road so I am just going to keep focused and keep grinding and hopefully good things are about to happen for me. Febuary so far is whats done it for me, since the 1/2/10 I have played 502 games with a 71% ROI an total profit of $781, all this when I felt I was running bad an seein more bad beats in a month than I have in my life so this just goes to show that discipline an making the right moves will profit over luck when you stay disciplined and put the volume in

Also I am in 909 spot off the stars monthly TLB of playin the $2s so my aim is to stay in the top 1000 which again will be another lil acheivement for me not to mention the $20k freeroll which comes with it

here's my new updated week 5 graph


Friday, 12 February 2010

week 5 - strong learning curve

Hey guys

week 5 has been my toughest yet in poker. I have played alot of games an variance has hit me real hard. I was given a target by nick to play 500 games in feb and I have 460 so far already so thats pleasing. I dont think, up until this week, I have ever experienced the true variance in poker. I am constantly gettin fucked over when deep but I am learning to handle it more an more each time it happens. I mean check these 3 hands out, I was CL on the FT just now and these happened within mins of each other and I was out in 9th . I dont think i could get away from any of them tbh an its just one of them. I havent had a lesson for 2 weeks or feedback off HH's I've sent, just reviews w/ nick but you cant question on them so I will save this one for my coach when he gets back to see what his take on it is. I actually typed all sorts in the chat box to which isnt like me but I was just so totally tilted. I really wanna hit the $1k and I am so close yet silly little things like variance keep knockin me back. The tiltin only tends to happen when am wrappin up a session an 1/2 tablin my last ones so its not to bad as thats often so...

Despite all the above I have still been slowly profiting and I am happy with the reults so far. I have came so far in a short space of time in terms of what I have learned and I aint gonna let a few bad beats knock me off course. I am having a break now til Monday which will do me the world of good so its plenty of nice food, nice company an lots of grey goose vodka cocktails coming up.

I have gotten to know that fish cogs from RTR alot of the last few weeks an he's a good lad. He's waiting to get on the same course although he is crushing them anyway. He has been railing me alot an me him to which is helping. The main thing we talk about really is just talk about how bad people are tbh and sometimes how we may have played a hand differently but we are also motivating each other to play alot which helps alot. He's gettin bad beated everywere this week an finding it hard to motivate himself so I might even offer him some sort of prop bet for next week to motivate us both even more. We keep coming up up against each other to and needless to say I own him hard everytime, a bit like my Everton owned his Chelsea the other night. He does go on about how bad he runs but really he runs like god an is just a total fish:-) which is also a bit like Chelsa to really

Anyway am off to buy a new shirt for tomorrow night so here's my results for the course so far. Have a nice weekend fish an treat them ladies well.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New set up and Table Ninja FTW

Hey Guys

Before I get started guys check out this new an exciting poker site called victory poker and sign up using this link for bonuses etc, see for more details

Got a new set up all sorted. Got a 24" HD monitor for all my tables an my old 14" aside of it with PT3, table ninja, pokerstove and my stars lobby an its definately better havin a solid proper set up

Been gettin used to table ninja an its probably the best $40 I've ever spent on poker I just love it. I am now up to about 15 tables which just means the bad beats come more and faster but hopefully it will mean the profit will come more an faster to. Navigating these 180's is a total minefield so having 15 tables cascaded means you can sort of sidestep the emotinal rollercoaster of sweating every flop turn an river when you're all in. I am not going to lie its a leak that I need to plug. I get so mad an tilt easy which is gonna effect my profits if I dont to get to grips with it long term. I even get tilted by the play when am not in a hand but not seein the flips is certainly helping so am gonna stick to cascading for now.

I have always liked keeping my bets the same but its hard when multitabling and with TN I can have all my pre flop an cbets for each stages of the tournament / blind levels all pre set along with the opener opening all my games for me at a rate I have chosen. There is not many situations you need to deviate from your generall play in these 180s but I can still do it if I need to. Not to mention the way it has got rid of all the little annoyances, such as auto clicks of your time bank, free to check and I'm back button, plus the auto closure of lobbies and the BB indicator on your screen. I also like the hotkeys were you can just CTRL+A for all in, its amazin. I have been modifying my stars tables using to which has all good note takin gadgets and table mods check it out if you havent already seen it. I probably post a picture of my set up soon anyway

Things at the tables are still bad although the volume is picking up. I have still been makin enough to slowly grow the roll but it could and should have been higher so I am hoping for a quick upswing soon. I know bad beats come an they're part of poker an everyone gets them bla bla bla but the ones I cant take are deep CL pots on FT's thats when they hurt an thats when all mine seem to be coming along lately so soon as that evens out things should be fine:-). Here's a few of examples of my week so far and what happens when I make it deep

I have played 184 games since my last post on saturday an a total of 353 games so far in febuary which isnt to shabby considering I only played about that the whole of jan. As the volume has picked up my gorgeous girl has taken a back seat. She's been very supportive about all this though so this weekend am gonna take a lil break and I am not playing a single game. I wanna really spoil her for valentines an take her out for a slap up meal etc and spend some quality time with her as she deserves it. I am off for a sleep anyway and then a another grind from about 8pm-2am when the games are better. My total figures and graph are below.


Played: 776
Roi: 37%
Total Profit: $613

gl at the tables fish

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Week 4 - Understanding profitability in SNG's

Hey Guys

Week 4 has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. It all started so well winnin a few tournies and then bang the deck hit me, probably the coldest ever if I am being totally honest. I am finally starting to understand how this game works after reading a great post from one of the students that nick posted on his blog recently an it can be read here:

Now I havent played enough games to come close to knowing my true ROI or winrate and tbh I dont want to be hanging around the $2.20's long enough to find out what this figure will be. So lets say for arguments sake I can beat them for $1 per game its important to remember that everytime I sit down an play I earn exactly that. So doesnt matter if I am on a heater and I take 10 down out of a set of 50, I have only won $50. It's something my coach is drilling into me and I am starting to undertsand it more. My coach has been supporting me through the bad beats on skype an giving little enouraging messages. It doesnt matter how many times top set gets beat by runner runner quads or AK gets beat by Ax orf my JJ is beaten by 88 and the reason it doesnt matter is because we cant control the cards once all the chips are in the middle. We can however control other aspects. Gettin them in ahead or behind as long as its the correct decision in an optimnal spot, managing our stacks correctly at different stages of a tournament, putting in the volume required, studying accordingly etc are all things we can control an the rest will fall into place regardless of short term swings or how cold/hot the deck is running for you. One of the main things that was frustrating me is I believe I am playing better and more now than in weeks 1,2,3 but had worse results but after undertsanding eveyrthing I am learning it just doesnt matter an I just need to keep playing. I have compiled a note pad of calls shoves, folds etc over the last week and sent them over to my coach for a lesson early next week so lookin forward to seeing the results of that. We have also been given a buddy and mine is a young lad from america called paul who i chat with on skype and I am going to try an set up a sweat session with him over next week to. He's a cool lad who seems a nice person. Just like me really, cant be arsed with rat race and wants to learn to beat this game so I think that was a good idea and we can start to bounce decisions of on each other an hopefully learn more.

The reviews with Nick really are starting to get better everytime. Maybe the more its drilled into you the more you understand I dont know but I find they're helping more and more each time. Also he has moved from using skype and now does it using some sort of VPN programme called wbinar and I find it alot better and easier to follow. He has even been doing earlie ones for us european students to and they will be recorded from now on which will make life so much easier for me. The programme were on is just immense and I have looked around out of curiosity and there simply isnt anything like it about so I do feel amazingly lucky. I mean last night we got to live sweat on the VPN, nick an BFizz11 multi tablin MTTs with a rationale behind everything, I mean were the hell would ya get that for nothing anywere esle????? It was interesting to see the way they position tables, note take etc as all these things help. I will have a new 24 inch monitor and the exact same set up as nick table wise. I will be purchasing table ninja on monday for when my new monitor comes. Online poker tools are invaluable and if you are multi tablin on stars without table ninja, PT3 and pokerstove your wasting your time these 3 are just the minumum. Check out Daleroxxus post for more info on each one an get using them

I feel I have learned and know enough to hit this game an beat these 180s its just a case of sittin back, putting in the vloume and making the right decisions and am sure, even after a horrible horrible dirty disgusting week at the tables, I will love the results. I have been given a goal by nick to play 500 games in february and I will aim to sufficiently surpass that and be on the $7s (need to earn $1k on the $2s) by march. Here's my figure to date on the programme which btw I started on 7/1/10

played: 592
av prof £1
ROI 30%
Total Prof $391

Here's my graph and I will probably stop the whole week 1, week 2 thing an start making more posts. I will just post my results on a weekly (fri-fri) basis as then when I need to provide them to my coach

Gl at the tables fishes

Thursday, 28 January 2010

week 3

Hey Guys!

Negatives out the way first. Week 3 has pretty much been a dissapointment. I started w/ a lesson on the wendesday with my coach. We were on for about 6 hours and he said my play had improved which was good. However wednesday through to sunday my internet connection was being a twat which meant I didnt make the weekend reviews and obviously couldnt play. I did squeeze some games in but it was tilting me no end and affecting my play badly so I just didnt play anywere near enough. It hasnt been totally bad an I did still book a small profit but I am not yet on the $7s which has not pleased me. My roll is on $360 an thats my total 3 weeks profit lol.

Anyway on to the positives. The main one being I have left work. I have done this for a few reason but the main one being I fucking hate it an lifes to short to stay in a job you hate whether its security or not. Too many people in life plod along with their monitinous lifes an dont realise that soon it will be over. We only get one chance at life an this is it, lifes not a rehersal. I have a enough money to see me through for a little while and a good business opportunity to go into with a friend in april. Plus i could always find another dead end sales job. Yes I have a mortgage and responsibilities but its time to take a risk

The next 4 weeks will be spent with total dedication to the programme am on. Playing a strict 10 hour per day shcedule mon-thurs, then on sundays to. I have informed both Nick and my coach of the situation so they will be expecting alot of volume from me starting Monday. They have both shown patience with me when it comes to the lack of volume but they wont wait round forever so next week I am goin go step things up and want to be on the $7s by the end of next week at the latest. Infact guys I am goin to set myself a challenge right here an right now which is to play more in week 4 than I have in weeks 1,2 and 3. Or at least equal it

Another positive is that this is my 1st consistent month of profit in poker ever. Yes I have good wins in the past but never stuck to a system, playing the same games with strict BRM. The fact £360 is a small profit and nothing to write home about is not the point its a consistent profit which is what matters. No matter how frustrasting the 180s get I just have to keep going and keep grinding. The $2s are so sick. I have been making more deep runs an FT's than in week 2 but just cant book a win for love nor money. I dont seem to playing any differently just running into big hands in optimal spots or people calling of light and hitting so I am just trying not to let it get to me.

Stats so far;

Games played: 355
profit per game: $1
ROI: 46%
Total Profit: £357



Just been set owned in the WBCOOP!! I knew if he 4 bet the flop he'd flopped a set or a straight but o well I couldnt find a fold... gg freerollaments!!

PokerStars Game #38878710316: Tournament #280000004, Freeroll Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2010/01/28 23:17:23 WET [2010/01/28 18:17:23 ET]
Table '280000004 182' 9-max Seat #7 is the button
Seat 1: hks1989 (1625 in chips)
Seat 2: moondino (2065 in chips)
Seat 3: kpuche35 (1895 in chips) is sitting out
Seat 4: altvoid (5130 in chips)
Seat 5: badcallthat (1855 in chips)
Seat 6: lostsoul311 (3210 in chips)
Seat 7: onlybeef42 (1895 in chips) is sitting out
Seat 8: Mr.PacoLoco (1955 in chips)
Seat 9: pansanitar (4610 in chips)
Mr.PacoLoco: posts small blind 15
pansanitar: posts big blind 30
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to badcallthat [Ad Ac]
hks1989: folds
moondino: calls 30
kpuche35: folds
altvoid: raises 120 to 150
badcallthat: calls 150
lostsoul311: folds
onlybeef42: folds
Mr.PacoLoco: folds
pansanitar: folds
moondino: calls 120
*** FLOP *** [7h 9c 6d]
moondino: bets 30
altvoid: raises 150 to 180
badcallthat: raises 450 to 630
moondino: raises 1285 to 1915 and is all-in
altvoid: folds
badcallthat: calls 1075 and is all-in
Uncalled bet (210) returned to moondino
*** TURN *** [7h 9c 6d] [Qd]
*** RIVER *** [7h 9c 6d Qd] [6c]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
moondino: shows [9h 9s] (a full house, Nines full of Sixes)
badcallthat: shows [Ad Ac] (two pair, Aces and Sixes)
moondino collected 4085 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 4085 | Rake 0
Board [7h 9c 6d Qd 6c]
Seat 1: hks1989 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: moondino showed [9h 9s] and won (4085) with a full house, Nines full of Sixes
Seat 3: kpuche35 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: altvoid folded on the Flop
Seat 5: badcallthat showed [Ad Ac] and lost with two pair, Aces and Sixes
Seat 6: lostsoul311 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 7: onlybeef42 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: Mr.PacoLoco (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 9: pansanitar (big blind) folded before Flop

gl fishes an wish me luck for next week an I leave you with one my fave songs ever, what a legend he really was!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Week 2

Over the 1st week of the programme I really struggled. I went on a 77 buy in downswing an really wondered whether I could even do this. I had some harsh words from both my coach and Nick as they said I wasn’t doing what I had been taught and things had to change w/ immediate effect. So with just $25 of the original $200 left I was obviously pissed off. So I went back through all our reviews and my notes for a night and didn’t play then since then things have picked up. I have won 2 took about 4 2nds and a couple of 3rds over the last week and have managed to pull the roll back to $430. I have not been on a heater or ran good as some people would put it I have simply been working hard making the moves that I was previously scared to do an its paying off. Yes some of my moves are totally unorthodox to the average player and even to me sometimes but the key things is having a reason for every single thing you do on a poker table. Since I have been able to say I done this because…. Or I raised there so I could… its really helping. I was trying to play to much to ‘a system’ and obvs that can’t work in poker. What Nick an Allan are teaching us is invaluable but he also teaching us that what’s right one time might not be right the next time and why, so these are the key things I am learning. Each decision is based on its own merit.

I have paid Nick his original stake back and now I feel I am playing a lil better and the moves I am making are right moves. The aim is to increase the volume fast and get to the $7’s ASAP. My coaching session went well last night and my coach said my late game is improving a lot. Making the right steals, raises and shoves etc. Obvs still missing the odd spot but as long as I keep doing what I am doing I should get there in the end.

To be honest I have surprised myself at how much I have actually been studying to get things right. You can’t win unless you study period. I have never grasped this concept in poker until now and anyone out there who is playing and not winning I suggest you put the mouse down and get the pad out. The thing is studying has never been my thing obviously as this is why I have a shit dead end job as a salesman, but with poker its different. I am so passionate and determined to beat it I found I really enjoyed the studying part. Maybe for the first time in my life I have found something that I am willing to put the work in because I love it so much.

Another thing I am learning is to be emotionless when playing. No fist pumps when I hit my set on the river and my 77 cracks AA. No crying when my lovely lookin AKs is busted by A3o. No smiles when I turn the nut flush etc etc I am tryin to play like a complete robot and its working. A solid set up is imperative and I am getting a new 24 inch screen to go with my current 17” then a lad from by mine is gonna link the 2 screens for me and create a nice set up which am looking forward to. Also there is a lot of regulars, more than I thought tbh and PT3 is helping me identify them and adjust against them accordingly.

One thing for sure is I owe Nick and Allan a lot already. Nicks a great guy and so is Allan, who has showed patients in his students. What these guys are doing is fantastic imo, so I just thought it deserved a mention. One of the reasons I am determined to beat is to repay the faith they have showed in me. The least they deserve is for us to work hard with time and money they’re putting in so all I can do is work my hardest and try my best which am doing. I have asked Allan for some heads up sessions now as I feel the 2nd to 1st ratio is to high and while 2nd places used to be nice, now they’re the scum of the earth, I hate them and I want to win. I know I can’t win them all but I want a higher 1st place than 2nd place ratio

Here are my stats after 2 weeks. The clear thing that stands out is VOLUME and the lack of it

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Week 1 Review & Football

Last night I had a review with Nick. He asked us not to play any games Monday or today to keep it free for studying. Studying HH's is not something I done before this programme but I am now starting to become aware just how important this is. Basically Nick asked us to watch a SNG that a student had played and then gave us a list of questions of were we think the student went wrong an the mistake he made. After that we went through as a group using skype and everything he brought up in the review I had noted on my pad.

To be honest my 1st 110 $2.20/180 games never went to well an my original stake had dropped from $200 to $110. This is not important at this stage and we have been informed that the money is no object in the 1st week. The variance in the $2.20's is sick and you could probably easy go 100 games without winning, especially the way were being taught to play. It’s play to win. I think if you took 100 non cashes and 2 wins back to Nick, he would be happier with this than 75 cashes but no win. As of yet I have came 2nd twice and I think my heads up game needs working on but it shows I am moving in the right direction.

Nick is really supportive but he's pretty strict to and there is no fuckin about. One student got through of the programme for simply emailing over stupid questions were the answers can easily be found on Google. He won’t suffer fools but at the same time he is really encouraging. All he wants is you do as he says and you will be fine. This is understandable with the time and money he’s putting in to helping us. He doesn’t mind criticising you hard if he thinks you need it. To be honest I am really enjoying this too, it helps keep me disciplined and focused on the main thing here, which is learning to beat online poker

All in all the 1st week has gone well and I have learned a bunch of things I never knew but also I am taking encouragement from the things I was already doing right. These are things that you think you may be doing wrong but having someone tell you its right and to keep doin it, don’t be results orientated etc really helps. For instance you can sit there an you know everything they are saying but then suddenly boom they hit you with something and your like 'wow' never looked at it like that, so in that way you have to stay sharp an on the ball throughout the reviews.

Do I think I can beat this game with this team behind me? Of course I do, they really are top drawer, tbh the work they're putting in has surprised me and they really are determined to make it work just as much as the students if not more. I have one more session w/ my coach tonight then I am taking the night off from playing so I can some back tomorrow refreshed and ready to crush!

My playing schedule is not as big as it should be w/ work commitments but there is nothing I can do about that. It’s tough for example last night I had a 2 hour review at 1am my time and work at 9am but it should be worth it in the end. Here’s a schedule I am going to try and stick to over the next few weeks:

Gym 6pm-8pm
Studying 8pm-11pm

Lesson /study 6pm-8pm
Grind 8pm-12am

Gym 5pm-7pm
Grind 7pm-12am

Gym 5pm-7pm
Grind 7pm-12am

Grind 5pm-11pm

Grind 8am-4pm
HH reviews 4pm-6pm

Grind 8am-4pm
HH Review 4pm-6pm

Nice to see Everton back playing well again. We really took the game to The Arse on the weekend and had it not been for a lucky last minute deflection Moyes might of finally had his scalp of beating one of the so called 'big 4' on there own turf. Pienaar looks at his best and I think he would walk into any team in the world. Billy is settling in more and cahill will always be a menace, Phil nevilles back an Osman is a footballers footballer so nice to see him back to and the new American lad Landon Donovan once again looks like a moyes mini masterstroke. He has everything we have been lacking lately, pace being the big one., he is rapid and the last person I seen that fast in an everton shirt was radzinski. He is determined to make a name for himself over here which is only a good thing. I think we can now make a surge up the league and w/ Arteta and Jags still to come back in feb Everton will peak when everyone esle is tired make no mistake about that. I cant see us finishing in the top 6 this simply cos its to late after our nightmare start with injuires this season but dont be surprised if you see an everton side in a cup final this year

Also, nice to see our idiot neighbours surpass even themselves this week when the director and owners son, decided to send a fan an abusive email, I mean WTF? what did they think the outcome of that would be LOL, well said Mr Hicks imo though as anyone who supports liverpool IS an idiot! They live in trhe 80's, get over it. Benitez fluked the European cup in istanbul, which was a blessing in disguise for everton fans as it kept him his job, which helped the 'liverpool fc decline' go faster than one could dream to imiagine:-).

Lets every fan out there hope City do the best thing to hit english football in the last 15 years, WIN THE LEAGUE!

gl fish

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Rainman Programme

Hey Fish

Hope you all had a good xmas & new year, even if you have broke your resolutions by now.

My poker career has taken a significant step over the last week. I am now on Nick Raineys programme. Check it out at if you're not aware of it. To say am happy is an understatement, the chance to work with an learn one of the best in the business is an excellent opportunity for me. I have never made a secret of the fact I need coaching and always reiterated it's something I would be lookin for in 2010 so this is pretty timely.

Why he chose me I dont know I am just happy to be on it. I had my 1st session with a coach called Allan who is currently crushing the multi SNG's on FT. He is good friends with and learned from both Nick and Colin (moshman) so he knows his stuff. We basically use skype to communicate and universal hand replayer to review the tournaments HH's. I learned alot just in my first session so I am looking forward to it as it progresses. I am also going to be hooked up to people on the same programme so we can talk strategy on skype hopefully keeping each other sane.

we are playing the $2.20/180s on stars

The deal is basically nick takes a 25% return on any profits made. To be staked and coached off the best team around for 25% return is an unbeatable deal imo

The fact the $2.20s are variance filled donk fests, I have had one cash in my 1st 20 games and I am running like a one legged donkey in blackpool doesnt help so I am looking forward to my next session with Allan to see just were am going wrong and what I could be doing differently in them.

Allan asked me to play a SNG an send him the HH to see were I was at and he was impressed with my early to middle game but has identified leaks in my end game.

Anyway I will keep a detailed blog so pop in an check it now and then

Hopefully the snow will start fall heavily again and I can get snowed off and use the days to simply grind grind grind
Gl at the tables