Monday, 29 March 2010

1st week of elite

Hey Fish

Last week I was given the amazin opportunity of joining Rainmans elite team of students. We get to work super closely to the likes of Bodeye2, johnnyhilldo and not to mention the man himself MI_turtle. We also get the chance to go live in california an meet eveyone for a weeks intenseive training which is just going to be the nuts. Nicks been fantastic this week and is always on hand to answer questions about diffucult spots etc an how we could have played hands differently. Last night nick was 13 tablin MTT's an still managed to find time to look at a spot from one of $12/180 FT/s.

One thing is I really feel alot more confident now when playing the $12s and I genuinely feel like the best player at most final tables I make. I am learning to jab my way through them alot more an turning alot more FT appearances into wins which feels good. I am also mixin low buy in MTT's an the daily $7.50 turbo on stars hs got my name all over it soon. My last deep run I lost a big pot with 16/1125 left. My exit hand was sick an for a chip leader pot an $1.4k for the win. 3 limpers an I punish them by shoving with 18bb an AQs on the button, the SB & BB come along with A9s & JJ an the A9s flops the nutz an its gg me, FML.

Lastly can I just say a big congrats to the boss yesterday as after my session I railed him to victory on the $8+r Final Table. Its was so funny as down to 3 handed nick had 1million chips and the other 2 had 6mill and 5mill respectively. Nick asked did they wanna look at number an the chip leader (so confident he would win) said he wanted to take it down for his 1st 5 figure socre. Which ok is fair enough but you still have to win it against one of the best MTT players on stars haha, neeedless to say Nick politely wished them good luck the owned their souls an took it down.

Here's my results monday to monday from my 1st week on the elite team. The results are nice but the easy part was doing it the hard part will be emulating it week in week out, but am gonna give it a good fucking go



  1. congrats mate nice week, nice volume too, what sort of hours ya putting in, are ya playin our daytime much.

  2. cheers mate been playin roughly about 2pm-10pm mate but solid an gettin between 95-105 games in! glgl

  3. Nice work! I am going to have to get the hang of this mass multi tabling bollocks somewhere down the line... gl