Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Leaving the programme an poker to

Hey Guys

I have had to make a tough decision to leave the course. Its nothing to do with the game itself but basically I have problems and situations in my private life which require 100% attention and I cant give 100% to the course so I felt it would be unfair on both Nick & Allan to continue coaching me.

They are great guys and I felt confident enought to tell them my situation and their response opitmises what they're about. They basically wished me all the luck in the future and they hoped I got everything sorted. They also told me they would welcome me back on the programme at any time an that I was well on my way to earning a very good living off poker. So really its a shame but it doesnt even come close to being as important as what I need to do

People do say 'never say never' so who knows but I very much doubt I will pursue poker as a career in the forseeable future. I do have a message to anyone out there who has aspirations of being a professional poker player though. You really need to understand that the game takesover in the early run. You have to put so much dedication into it its unbelievable. Dont think these players who are winning thousand make an easy living. The likes of the Rainman programme can teach you everything except the psycology of the game. This is something you have to master yourself and belive me it isnt easy, 200 buy in dowswings hurt. You sit there grinding for 10 hours an just receive beat after beat after beat. It aint rigged, you aint unlucky its called variace and will always be there and if you cant handle it you cant win, period. If you let the beats affect your game, you miss +EV spots, you shove in -EV spots and just generally be all over the place. If there was no such thing as a river card we would all be millionaiires quick so shut the fuck up moaning about them cos they are there. Maybe we should invent a new game infact take the 'R' for river of then end of poker an call it poke, same no river, simplessss

Despite all the above I believe I could have beat this game an a 48% roi over my 1st 1500 game aint bad so who knows, but for now its being put to bed. Thanks to everyone who followed and a big thanks to cogs who really helped me get my head round the psycology of the game. I doubt I would have done well over the 1500 games without him helping me with that part all day everyday and we have had some laughs. Only really met him through this an RTR but spoke millions of times on skype an he's a good lad. I will continue to blog about any odd MTT's I play or just general poker an sport. I enjoy it.

Good Luck at the tables fish


  1. heya garry, sorry to hear your finishing up, hope everytthing works out.

  2. GL dude with all the chit.

    Ping me up when u need to talk if u see me on skype....It's all good.

    And take a couple of days before deciding your future. I know it's a massive life crossroads for you right now, so dont be hasty.

    And Nick, if your reading, does that mean I can get his spotin the programme as you've left me off ??? :-)


  3. long story mate! not one i really wanna share on the world wibe web!

  4. It was only the last post I was gonna say I bet you are glad you quit your job now that the poker money is rolling in...

    It is a shame you had to finish, but gl with ur real life problems.

    I guess what you have learnt in the few weeks is invaluable anyway