Wednesday, 10 March 2010

badcallthat is back

Hey Guys

The situation is resloved an basically pokers what I want to do. I will be back at the tables pretty soon. I have emailed Nick and asked him can I come back on the course and hopefully he will accept me back. If not I will still be back at the tables from monday. I will be re rolling at the bottom so will start grinding the $2.20/180 and $3.40/45 on stars and will be lookin to play a bare minimum of 600 games per week

I am coming back more focused and more determined to crush this game beyond belief

Good Luck an stay out my way



  1. That's great you didn't have to miss the opportunity.Hope the coaching is going well.GL

  2. Good luck Garry, I am sure you will be crushing in no time!
    Glad you have the personal side of things resolved and are free to concentrate on da Pokay!