Thursday, 18 February 2010

Week 7 - Game Selection

Hey Guys

Hows it goin, sorry for missin week 6 out but I just all mixed up with the weeks by posting mid week. Week 7 has continued well $$$ wise so am happy with that but my move to the $12s has seen me learn a very valuable lesson in game selection. The best time for me to play would be of a night around 6pm-2am because the games run faster which obvs means a bigger $$ per hour/game. I havent really done calculations around hourly rate because for some reason HEM is only picking up 80% of my games and PT3 wants me to manually input all my results, why that is I dont know but the faster the games fill means more games an more money. However this is when I seem to be coming accross alot more regs which is without doubt -EV. Last night for instance I have luvmywife chip210 johnnyhildo and jphillips EeeTee2008 and I GRIND THIS all at the same table of a $12/180 wtf, and all other names I recognised popping up all over the show like 1bigacehole, jbrown877, vertek, longy11 an of course MI_Turtle, plus plenty more even gavin griffin keeps poppin up, I am shocked at how many top players play the 12s tbh, basically all are solid winning players so why would I want to surround myself with them when I have the luxury of being english and able to play say a 9am-5pm schedule when all these guys are tucked up in bed or doing whatever. I really need to do some calculations as to how many games I can play in each 4 hour session etc but I certainly dont mind playing xtra hours to get the same amount of games in if the games are softer at certain times which they undoubtedly are so its time to research the games at each times an see what I come up with. I am no were near as good or experienced as alot of the regs on stars and I dont need to beat the best to flatter my ego, all I need to do is make money.

Its so funny when you hear people talk about 'moving up to were they respect my raises' or 'I cant win with all them donks about' or 'I think its easier to play against the best players' what a load of bull. Anyone who says that again might aswell never player poker again and the funny thing is I used to say the same. The fact is you find the softest easiest game around an play in it cause no matter what the donks throw at you, you play well make the right moves an you'll come out on top.

I squeezed an MTT in this week just the small field $8.80 [500 cap] on stars an managed a final table but the sickness of what happened to me was just sick sick sick. I had 300k in chips an there were 2 short stacks if I remember, I may post the hand history but basically a guy made this like weird shove of 25k, half his stack (or so i thought) but leavin the other 30k chips behind, I misread the shove for like 25k instead of the 250k it was an over shoved with 99 to isolate the shorty, only he werent a shorty an was another big stack with 250k in the middle. I dont know what happened it was pretty weird an quite clever on his part if he meant it but I had been playing about 10 hours an my concentration slipped when I really needed it hold and I ened up out in 5th, I did have 180s up to but it was so sick. I felt by far the best player at the final yet I blew it.

Reviews with nick are still getting better everytime but I am really starting to struggle with the times they're held. I have a 1-2-1 review with him soon which will be my first one and I am really looking forward to it with all sorts of questions on the ready. As mentioned in my previous post the reviews have been going into more around pre an post flop hand reading based on the actions in the hand etc and it really is interesting and I think I am takin alot out of it. We then obviously use stove to measure our hand against their assigned range an make the correct decision accordingly. This isnt to realistic when 15 tablin turbos but will help alot. Yes alot of our decisions are going to be pre flop but you still find yourself in post flop situations, especially if you've chipped up early an people start defending their blind light in the mid stages, on final tables or in MTT's so its important we get to grasp this concept fast. Plus I dont think I want to be on 180 man turbos forever so the course getting more advanced can only be a good thing

Anyway along with the above final which paid $224 I have managed to get lucky an ship 3 12s so far an an a good few finals which has kept my role intact but I am expecting a big downswing soon. Infact I am in a 35 buyin downswing as we speak which is nothing in 180s so I expect it to continue lol. I havent played at all today for the 1st time in weeks. I had 2 seperate universal replayer sessions a 2 hour session with cogs then a 1 hour session on my own then got some hand historys over to nick and basically just chilled as I have played for like 20 days straight in feb.

here is my current graph to date since I started



  1. nice going mate, you were talking bout the times you play, i played some 12s this afternoon and were a lot softer than the ones running at nighttime, only played a few though so not sure how often they run

  2. they're deffo softer Ben. I think they load like every 10 mins maximum so not too bad. I will be doin some research next week to see how many games its possible to get in a 9-5 schedule al email you my results, gl man an see you in the games!

  3. Nice upswing on the graph, presumably thats when the 12's hit in ... keep it going.