Saturday, 13 February 2010

$1k mark reached

Hey Guys

I know I said I werent playing again this weekend but about 1am last when I was going to bed an email came thourgh on the blackberry about a rview w/ Nick but at 5am GMT. Anyway Doris was tired an ready for bed and I felt ok so thought Id stay up for the review and ended up firing 20 tables up an winnin about $200 to put me on the $1k profit mark so it ended up being a good choice even if I am really tired now. My coach told me to let him know when I had reached the $1k mark so I have just sent him an email now and will await his reply before playing anythng else, hopefully he will want me to now move up to the $7s but we'll see

Winning 500 buyins in under 1000 games is a real sense of achievement for me and I am not gonna lie... I am really pleased. However I know its only the begining of a very long road so I am just going to keep focused and keep grinding and hopefully good things are about to happen for me. Febuary so far is whats done it for me, since the 1/2/10 I have played 502 games with a 71% ROI an total profit of $781, all this when I felt I was running bad an seein more bad beats in a month than I have in my life so this just goes to show that discipline an making the right moves will profit over luck when you stay disciplined and put the volume in

Also I am in 909 spot off the stars monthly TLB of playin the $2s so my aim is to stay in the top 1000 which again will be another lil acheivement for me not to mention the $20k freeroll which comes with it

here's my new updated week 5 graph



  1. Nice work, good to see it going well.

  2. nice work carra, replied to yr e-mail, proper grind starts Monday for me, 500 + games by Thursday......Gonna be tough


  3. Well done mate, keep up the hard work