Friday, 12 February 2010

week 5 - strong learning curve

Hey guys

week 5 has been my toughest yet in poker. I have played alot of games an variance has hit me real hard. I was given a target by nick to play 500 games in feb and I have 460 so far already so thats pleasing. I dont think, up until this week, I have ever experienced the true variance in poker. I am constantly gettin fucked over when deep but I am learning to handle it more an more each time it happens. I mean check these 3 hands out, I was CL on the FT just now and these happened within mins of each other and I was out in 9th . I dont think i could get away from any of them tbh an its just one of them. I havent had a lesson for 2 weeks or feedback off HH's I've sent, just reviews w/ nick but you cant question on them so I will save this one for my coach when he gets back to see what his take on it is. I actually typed all sorts in the chat box to which isnt like me but I was just so totally tilted. I really wanna hit the $1k and I am so close yet silly little things like variance keep knockin me back. The tiltin only tends to happen when am wrappin up a session an 1/2 tablin my last ones so its not to bad as thats often so...

Despite all the above I have still been slowly profiting and I am happy with the reults so far. I have came so far in a short space of time in terms of what I have learned and I aint gonna let a few bad beats knock me off course. I am having a break now til Monday which will do me the world of good so its plenty of nice food, nice company an lots of grey goose vodka cocktails coming up.

I have gotten to know that fish cogs from RTR alot of the last few weeks an he's a good lad. He's waiting to get on the same course although he is crushing them anyway. He has been railing me alot an me him to which is helping. The main thing we talk about really is just talk about how bad people are tbh and sometimes how we may have played a hand differently but we are also motivating each other to play alot which helps alot. He's gettin bad beated everywere this week an finding it hard to motivate himself so I might even offer him some sort of prop bet for next week to motivate us both even more. We keep coming up up against each other to and needless to say I own him hard everytime, a bit like my Everton owned his Chelsea the other night. He does go on about how bad he runs but really he runs like god an is just a total fish:-) which is also a bit like Chelsa to really

Anyway am off to buy a new shirt for tomorrow night so here's my results for the course so far. Have a nice weekend fish an treat them ladies well.


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  1. LMAO, Owning Cogs.......NOT !!!!!

    Proper grind next week mate, aiming for 400 games by 9pm Thursday when I shall be off for a long weekend break.

    An idea for Sunday tho, I bought the Doris a new bag and belt for valentines day last year. Didn't go down to well but the hoover works a fucking treat now.