Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New set up and Table Ninja FTW

Hey Guys

Before I get started guys check out this new an exciting poker site called victory poker and sign up using this link for bonuses etc, see for more details

Got a new set up all sorted. Got a 24" HD monitor for all my tables an my old 14" aside of it with PT3, table ninja, pokerstove and my stars lobby an its definately better havin a solid proper set up

Been gettin used to table ninja an its probably the best $40 I've ever spent on poker I just love it. I am now up to about 15 tables which just means the bad beats come more and faster but hopefully it will mean the profit will come more an faster to. Navigating these 180's is a total minefield so having 15 tables cascaded means you can sort of sidestep the emotinal rollercoaster of sweating every flop turn an river when you're all in. I am not going to lie its a leak that I need to plug. I get so mad an tilt easy which is gonna effect my profits if I dont to get to grips with it long term. I even get tilted by the play when am not in a hand but not seein the flips is certainly helping so am gonna stick to cascading for now.

I have always liked keeping my bets the same but its hard when multitabling and with TN I can have all my pre flop an cbets for each stages of the tournament / blind levels all pre set along with the opener opening all my games for me at a rate I have chosen. There is not many situations you need to deviate from your generall play in these 180s but I can still do it if I need to. Not to mention the way it has got rid of all the little annoyances, such as auto clicks of your time bank, free to check and I'm back button, plus the auto closure of lobbies and the BB indicator on your screen. I also like the hotkeys were you can just CTRL+A for all in, its amazin. I have been modifying my stars tables using to which has all good note takin gadgets and table mods check it out if you havent already seen it. I probably post a picture of my set up soon anyway

Things at the tables are still bad although the volume is picking up. I have still been makin enough to slowly grow the roll but it could and should have been higher so I am hoping for a quick upswing soon. I know bad beats come an they're part of poker an everyone gets them bla bla bla but the ones I cant take are deep CL pots on FT's thats when they hurt an thats when all mine seem to be coming along lately so soon as that evens out things should be fine:-). Here's a few of examples of my week so far and what happens when I make it deep

I have played 184 games since my last post on saturday an a total of 353 games so far in febuary which isnt to shabby considering I only played about that the whole of jan. As the volume has picked up my gorgeous girl has taken a back seat. She's been very supportive about all this though so this weekend am gonna take a lil break and I am not playing a single game. I wanna really spoil her for valentines an take her out for a slap up meal etc and spend some quality time with her as she deserves it. I am off for a sleep anyway and then a another grind from about 8pm-2am when the games are better. My total figures and graph are below.


Played: 776
Roi: 37%
Total Profit: $613

gl at the tables fish

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  1. always good when that wee line is going on the upward trend. nice work