Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Moving up to $12/180

Hey Guys

Things have been going ok since saturday I ended up finishing on the $2s this week an starting on the $12s. My total figures for the $2s were:

Played 989
ROI 56%
Profit $1217

I ended up gettin lucky in the sense that after droppin 15 buyins at the $12s I went an took one down just as I was about to hit the drop back down in buy in amount so that has helped me. After paying paying Nick back his 25% profits etc my roll now stands at $1376 which is ample amount to hit the $12s. I am under no illusions that I may have to drop back down and there will be no shame in doing so, hopefully though, that wont happen. I win at least 1 / 180 manner everyday and hopefully today will be no different

I think I may have done enough to get on the sharkscope leader board for the $2s but I dont seem to be on there yet and I am currently lying 700th in the Feb TLB on stars so hopefully I will maintain that an get in the nice 20k freeroll at the end of the month. I have aslo set a plan to get to gold star by the end of the month, not because I want the 3 shitty lil gold stars next to my name but it means I will have played 400 $12s in the next 2 weeks, acheivable but tough. Also Nick asked me to dabble in the sunday quarter mill on stars which I did this week an min cashed but the encouraging thing is that hopefully I will eventually move towards learning to beat MTT's which we all know is where the big money is.

The reviews are just gettin better an better. Last nights went in depth about pre an post flop hand reading and assigning oppos a range etc. Nick really wont give up once he starts and even gets himself all tangled up sometimes when going really in depth. I mean we all know the genral poker maths but sometimes your talkin mathematics that 98% of poker players simply wont get but he wont stop until we all understand. The more I get to know him the more I get to like him tbh and he is a funny guy when he's not pickin on you. However the thing I like is the whole professionalism about the guy. There is no way I could have done this with anyone else an believe me when I tell you the work he is puttin into this course is phenomanal and if you'e lucky enough to get on it, then lucky you!!! Big thanks Nick if your reading this.

Come on the Everton tonight. This is a massive game for us against Lisbon and I think we will progress to the next round. We are playing well and confidence is high, it should also be the perfect game for Arteta to show his skills after a lengthy period out.

Here is my total graph for the programme and good luck at the tables fish!!!



  1. Nice going man! Keep up the good work! Andy.

  2. Been following your progress .... well done. Lets hope you can keep going through the twelves

  3. Quick question ... how come you skipped the $7 ??

  4. cheers guys 12s started ok

    joe, they simply dont run mate. They fill every half an hour at the peak times so just not realistic enough to get the volume in

  5. amazing turn around in your results - keep up the good work and gl at the tables

  6. Well done bud, you on a great heater, keep it up. Sharkscope graph looking great.

  7. do u play in the night - europe time?