Sunday, 18 April 2010

April Update - Dont take breaks

Hey Guys

Just a quick one. April basically hasn't gone to plan, it started out a complete blank in the 1st week as I had a wedding and then was on an intense driving course which lasted 8 days and which I passed 1st time :-) after numerous days of driving tilt cause of the rigged government DSA fuckin system, but I wont go into that. I think I only managed 200 games in a week and lost $$$ over the 200 games. I was running bad but also playing bad and confidence was low. Its un-believeable how much you lose sharpness after 10 days off or only playing here an there. You lose confidence, balls, sharpness and basically the ability to win. Since Monday gone however it has been much better both volume and playing wise. I really felt I played my A game most of the week and only really remember 1 FT mistake were I shoved 11BB to from the H/J to steal with K7o, didn't really need to do it as I was 3rd in chips and playing well, but I picked a bad spot to shove with 4 left to act if I never I could have took it down. Final tables are were the money is made n lost so when I make a mistake on them I tend to beat myself up alot more than if I did say mid tourny

Also been taking advantage of Nick this week. He has assigned himself 9-2 in the day to sit on skype and live coach students as they're playing. Its fantastic to have him on hand for help, encouragement and obvs training. The course gets better with new things being introduced week in week out, it doesn't seem to stand still or go stale as nicks always adding little things in. I think I tend to annoy him sometimes as I constantly firing spots over but am sure he would rather that than not doing it at all as the more money I make the more he makes and lets face it, when it goes dark, that's why we're here.

Also a quick shout to bodeye, not much to say apart from that kids a poker genius and if you're unlucky enough to encounter him at your tables, good luck. I think some students tend to give away to much in their blog posts which I don't like to do but if you haven't read this one from FoxyShazam then go an read it now. The kids a good player that's for sure but he also very clever were the psychology part of the game is concerned to

Here's my April graph, hoping to play 1000 games more before the end of April after a slow start and would be happy to stick to $3 game at the end of it and also come out with platinum star.



  1. Congratulations on passing your driving test. Took me four times!

    What wheels you thinking of getting?

  2. cheers pud, driving standards is so rigged

    dont know yet lol probably just a run a round at first til the poker monays is rollin in ;-)