Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Rainman Programme

Hey Fish

Hope you all had a good xmas & new year, even if you have broke your resolutions by now.

My poker career has taken a significant step over the last week. I am now on Nick Raineys programme. Check it out at if you're not aware of it. To say am happy is an understatement, the chance to work with an learn one of the best in the business is an excellent opportunity for me. I have never made a secret of the fact I need coaching and always reiterated it's something I would be lookin for in 2010 so this is pretty timely.

Why he chose me I dont know I am just happy to be on it. I had my 1st session with a coach called Allan who is currently crushing the multi SNG's on FT. He is good friends with and learned from both Nick and Colin (moshman) so he knows his stuff. We basically use skype to communicate and universal hand replayer to review the tournaments HH's. I learned alot just in my first session so I am looking forward to it as it progresses. I am also going to be hooked up to people on the same programme so we can talk strategy on skype hopefully keeping each other sane.

we are playing the $2.20/180s on stars

The deal is basically nick takes a 25% return on any profits made. To be staked and coached off the best team around for 25% return is an unbeatable deal imo

The fact the $2.20s are variance filled donk fests, I have had one cash in my 1st 20 games and I am running like a one legged donkey in blackpool doesnt help so I am looking forward to my next session with Allan to see just were am going wrong and what I could be doing differently in them.

Allan asked me to play a SNG an send him the HH to see were I was at and he was impressed with my early to middle game but has identified leaks in my end game.

Anyway I will keep a detailed blog so pop in an check it now and then

Hopefully the snow will start fall heavily again and I can get snowed off and use the days to simply grind grind grind
Gl at the tables


  1. Sounds interesting, gl man

  2. Great stuff mate, really hope it works out for you! glglglglglgl

  3. If you can put in even a fifth of the volume Nick does you'll be laughing mate

    Best of luck in 2010