Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Week 2

Over the 1st week of the programme I really struggled. I went on a 77 buy in downswing an really wondered whether I could even do this. I had some harsh words from both my coach and Nick as they said I wasn’t doing what I had been taught and things had to change w/ immediate effect. So with just $25 of the original $200 left I was obviously pissed off. So I went back through all our reviews and my notes for a night and didn’t play then since then things have picked up. I have won 2 took about 4 2nds and a couple of 3rds over the last week and have managed to pull the roll back to $430. I have not been on a heater or ran good as some people would put it I have simply been working hard making the moves that I was previously scared to do an its paying off. Yes some of my moves are totally unorthodox to the average player and even to me sometimes but the key things is having a reason for every single thing you do on a poker table. Since I have been able to say I done this because…. Or I raised there so I could… its really helping. I was trying to play to much to ‘a system’ and obvs that can’t work in poker. What Nick an Allan are teaching us is invaluable but he also teaching us that what’s right one time might not be right the next time and why, so these are the key things I am learning. Each decision is based on its own merit.

I have paid Nick his original stake back and now I feel I am playing a lil better and the moves I am making are right moves. The aim is to increase the volume fast and get to the $7’s ASAP. My coaching session went well last night and my coach said my late game is improving a lot. Making the right steals, raises and shoves etc. Obvs still missing the odd spot but as long as I keep doing what I am doing I should get there in the end.

To be honest I have surprised myself at how much I have actually been studying to get things right. You can’t win unless you study period. I have never grasped this concept in poker until now and anyone out there who is playing and not winning I suggest you put the mouse down and get the pad out. The thing is studying has never been my thing obviously as this is why I have a shit dead end job as a salesman, but with poker its different. I am so passionate and determined to beat it I found I really enjoyed the studying part. Maybe for the first time in my life I have found something that I am willing to put the work in because I love it so much.

Another thing I am learning is to be emotionless when playing. No fist pumps when I hit my set on the river and my 77 cracks AA. No crying when my lovely lookin AKs is busted by A3o. No smiles when I turn the nut flush etc etc I am tryin to play like a complete robot and its working. A solid set up is imperative and I am getting a new 24 inch screen to go with my current 17” then a lad from by mine is gonna link the 2 screens for me and create a nice set up which am looking forward to. Also there is a lot of regulars, more than I thought tbh and PT3 is helping me identify them and adjust against them accordingly.

One thing for sure is I owe Nick and Allan a lot already. Nicks a great guy and so is Allan, who has showed patients in his students. What these guys are doing is fantastic imo, so I just thought it deserved a mention. One of the reasons I am determined to beat is to repay the faith they have showed in me. The least they deserve is for us to work hard with time and money they’re putting in so all I can do is work my hardest and try my best which am doing. I have asked Allan for some heads up sessions now as I feel the 2nd to 1st ratio is to high and while 2nd places used to be nice, now they’re the scum of the earth, I hate them and I want to win. I know I can’t win them all but I want a higher 1st place than 2nd place ratio

Here are my stats after 2 weeks. The clear thing that stands out is VOLUME and the lack of it


  1. Look forward to week 3's update - great reading so far!

  2. Maybe you were playing weaker because you were playing with someone elses money? I've always struggled when I've been staked or backed but done ok off my own back!

    Good luck with the rest of 2010, looking forward to seeing how the programme progresses

  3. yeah maybe that pud or just thinkin about impressing to much rather than just playing the game. I have relaxed a little now though;-)

  4. Crush em son, their all donks. I keep going 20/0 (odd min cash) then go get a few top 3's in another set of 20 and it's profits. Gotta add more tabs tho mate, get up to 6 easy now surely.