Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Week 1 Review & Football

Last night I had a review with Nick. He asked us not to play any games Monday or today to keep it free for studying. Studying HH's is not something I done before this programme but I am now starting to become aware just how important this is. Basically Nick asked us to watch a SNG that a student had played and then gave us a list of questions of were we think the student went wrong an the mistake he made. After that we went through as a group using skype and everything he brought up in the review I had noted on my pad.

To be honest my 1st 110 $2.20/180 games never went to well an my original stake had dropped from $200 to $110. This is not important at this stage and we have been informed that the money is no object in the 1st week. The variance in the $2.20's is sick and you could probably easy go 100 games without winning, especially the way were being taught to play. It’s play to win. I think if you took 100 non cashes and 2 wins back to Nick, he would be happier with this than 75 cashes but no win. As of yet I have came 2nd twice and I think my heads up game needs working on but it shows I am moving in the right direction.

Nick is really supportive but he's pretty strict to and there is no fuckin about. One student got through of the programme for simply emailing over stupid questions were the answers can easily be found on Google. He won’t suffer fools but at the same time he is really encouraging. All he wants is you do as he says and you will be fine. This is understandable with the time and money he’s putting in to helping us. He doesn’t mind criticising you hard if he thinks you need it. To be honest I am really enjoying this too, it helps keep me disciplined and focused on the main thing here, which is learning to beat online poker

All in all the 1st week has gone well and I have learned a bunch of things I never knew but also I am taking encouragement from the things I was already doing right. These are things that you think you may be doing wrong but having someone tell you its right and to keep doin it, don’t be results orientated etc really helps. For instance you can sit there an you know everything they are saying but then suddenly boom they hit you with something and your like 'wow' never looked at it like that, so in that way you have to stay sharp an on the ball throughout the reviews.

Do I think I can beat this game with this team behind me? Of course I do, they really are top drawer, tbh the work they're putting in has surprised me and they really are determined to make it work just as much as the students if not more. I have one more session w/ my coach tonight then I am taking the night off from playing so I can some back tomorrow refreshed and ready to crush!

My playing schedule is not as big as it should be w/ work commitments but there is nothing I can do about that. It’s tough for example last night I had a 2 hour review at 1am my time and work at 9am but it should be worth it in the end. Here’s a schedule I am going to try and stick to over the next few weeks:

Gym 6pm-8pm
Studying 8pm-11pm

Lesson /study 6pm-8pm
Grind 8pm-12am

Gym 5pm-7pm
Grind 7pm-12am

Gym 5pm-7pm
Grind 7pm-12am

Grind 5pm-11pm

Grind 8am-4pm
HH reviews 4pm-6pm

Grind 8am-4pm
HH Review 4pm-6pm

Nice to see Everton back playing well again. We really took the game to The Arse on the weekend and had it not been for a lucky last minute deflection Moyes might of finally had his scalp of beating one of the so called 'big 4' on there own turf. Pienaar looks at his best and I think he would walk into any team in the world. Billy is settling in more and cahill will always be a menace, Phil nevilles back an Osman is a footballers footballer so nice to see him back to and the new American lad Landon Donovan once again looks like a moyes mini masterstroke. He has everything we have been lacking lately, pace being the big one., he is rapid and the last person I seen that fast in an everton shirt was radzinski. He is determined to make a name for himself over here which is only a good thing. I think we can now make a surge up the league and w/ Arteta and Jags still to come back in feb Everton will peak when everyone esle is tired make no mistake about that. I cant see us finishing in the top 6 this simply cos its to late after our nightmare start with injuires this season but dont be surprised if you see an everton side in a cup final this year

Also, nice to see our idiot neighbours surpass even themselves this week when the director and owners son, decided to send a fan an abusive email, I mean WTF? what did they think the outcome of that would be LOL, well said Mr Hicks imo though as anyone who supports liverpool IS an idiot! They live in trhe 80's, get over it. Benitez fluked the European cup in istanbul, which was a blessing in disguise for everton fans as it kept him his job, which helped the 'liverpool fc decline' go faster than one could dream to imiagine:-).

Lets every fan out there hope City do the best thing to hit english football in the last 15 years, WIN THE LEAGUE!

gl fish


  1. Very nice blog sir!

    That looks a very sensible plan with the training. Good Luck.

    Could you please link us up and we will do the same.



  2. Good Luck with the Nick Rainey system.
    I am waiting to get my schedule and get started too.
    Dont forget to sign up for the WBCOOP on stars, can get to it via my blog if you wish.

    Good Luck at the tables, I am sure I will see you at the $2.20 180s soon.