Thursday, 6 August 2009

Full Tilt FTW

Yep that’s right I as good as busted my stars roll last weekend. After a hard, all day session at a wedding on Saturday I tried a mammoth poker session on the Sunday which resulted in 4 things:

• Playing like a twat
• Playing to high
• Chasing losses
• Virtually going bust

Dropped about 25 buyins but just couldn’t log off and instead tried higher buy ins, with a ‘my lucks gotta change soon’ attitude, clearly that would never happen. I was hung over after partying until 6am. I really was not thinking straight and paid a heavy price. So after really hard work and grinding $20 up to$1000 I then proceeded to drop and drop and drop until I had $300 left. It was then I realised I was being a complete twat. Losing SNG’s, busting multis early and losing satellites everywhere so I logged off an withdrew the remaining money and felt pretty shitty. TBH its can be a blessing in disguise as I need a break from stars anyway, its sick I came up against BOKU87 so many times during my own little challenge, and to say he runs good against me in key spots is an understatement. However he is such a sicko, I checked him out now and then when I came across him and he was playing 30+ multis at a time for hours on end. GL to him I say but he does run well. Can you imagine the PR stars are going to get out of this? O look someone turned $5 - $100 000 in a year on our site. This will be pretty bad cos they will fail to mention he is a pro who multi tables for most of his life. They will mis-advertise and get shit loads of people trying the same thing.

Full Tilt

I felt like playing a multi on Monday so I deposited $50 in my account I have on FT poker and played 2x 90 manners. $24 buy in and $12 buy in. finale tabled them both, took 3rd in the $24 and 7th in the $12. The $24 felt particularly good as I was down to 3 BB approaching the bubble when I shoved 57dd UTG and got 2 callers form AQ/KJ and binked a 5 on the river to treble up. Immediately after that I shoved AA and got 3 callers and they HELD. I went from potential bubble boy to chip leader in 2 hands. Got KK cracked by AK on the FT to go back to average and then grinded a 3rd place finish when QQ was no good 3 handed against JJ. Felt good cos after busting most of me stars roll I really did need a win and something to turn it around. Took a good payday and they were knock out tourneys to, I busted 6 people in both, so it was around a $500 payday, which pulled back most of my stars losses the night before. Going to keep playing on FT in the meantime they’re 90 man KO multis are good an pretty soft, specially with fish like floating round.

The deal I have in place, which I mentioned in my last post should be materialising in the next couple of weeks. I have signed up to VC poker with a good deal which I got through it’s ran by a guy called Nik Spooner who is a cracking guy. It's a unbeatable VIP deal they do for high rake earners, mine is based on me generating 1K a month, which is easily achieveable. He is always happy to answer any questions you have and will happily talk strategy all day on MSN. I recommended you give his site a look if you’re looking for good rake back. They have some really good deals available Planning on meeting up with him in Leos casino in Liverpool next week, so that should be good. I am starting to get more people around me who are involved in and passionate about poker so that can only help my game.

The Plan

I have basically spoken to work who say in the current climate anyone looking to drop to part time hours will be happily converted to part time within a week of asking. Now this means I will be working 9-2 or 10-3. This will be enough for me to cover my mortgage and bills etc but will also allow me to concentrate a lot more on poker, whilst also being fresher. I just cannot motivate myself to play enough after 9 hours on the phone to idiot customers who think BT owe their business a living, with redic sales target (thanks BT). Now when I go part time my targets half and I will probs make up the deficit in bonus. I will be working core selling hours and probly bring in the same figures with half the target.

Soon as the $5k lands in my account, I am going to do it. Then I will spend a week watching a ton of sheets’ videos on cardrunners and re-read colin moshmans book which I have only briefly read. I will be playing the $50 SNG’s on VC which are running really well. They have superturbos, regs, turbos and double ups. I will be playing 6 max trubos/double ups as these will be miles better for the hourly rate. I plan on playing at least 50 a day and while this will be tough it will be certainly achievable if 6 tabling as they only take about 20 mins per game. I have spent hours this week just sat there watching them and the play is questionable, people busting double ups at 20/40 level with AK etc, they just don’t seem to be grasping the basic concept of the games. I am already noting the regs as much as I can and really can’t wait to get going. I plan playing 4 hours a day or more if I have to in order to hit the daily target of 50. Now obvs when am on a heater I will play until I cant play no more. If I can hit a consistent hourly rate of profit I will then make the next stage which will be leaving work etc. I will need a larger sample than normal to make a step that big but I am pretty confident I can do it. The rake back part of this is massive as on the minimum calculations, even if I break even I throughout the games; I will still profit $125 daily through rake back. I am currently a break even player over a large sample on stars so with the extra training and coaching I have planned and putting everything I have learned myself into practice I don’t see why its not achievable. I will blog the results weekly.

Gl fishies

Ps sorry for bad literature – I am no English teacher!!!!!

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