Monday, 24 August 2009

pokerstars sunday million...........


After 2 decent cahses after sat'n into the warm up I thought Id use this sat ticket for the million. Before we go there I want to start by sayin I played some of the best poker I have ever played in my life in this tournament. I started well chippin up to about 16k then got lucky against a shortstacks KK with AJ to put me up to 20k. I lost 2 big races with QQ V QK (k on the turn) and JJ v AK BvB he hit an ace. I then got upto 50k without showdown I was corectly assigning ranges to peoples hands, I laid QQ down to a 4 bet shove pre and he showed me AA. I was feelin really good and hadnt been at risk once which also felt quite good. Then this happened...

firstly I want to explain my reasoning behind my pre flop actions. The initial raiser was a serial early position stealer an the button had high squeeze % but the table was aggro also, so I flatted here hoping to induce a squeeze from behind. Anyway it never came an AAbenjaminAA a winning online regular flatted AJo in the SB (pretty bad imo). when the flop came JJ9 2 clubs I felt physically sick tbh, but I just couldnt lay it down. AJ was a possibilty but they way the hand was played his range had to be wide pre. He then bet 1200 into 1600, standard considering his stack size. Now here I am thinkin he has a FD. I smove call at this point with the intention of seeing the turn action wich again brought more draws, but could of completed for KT or 8T. He then led for another 30k, I basically didnt know were I was at this point. is he drawing has he got AQ QK, I have no major winning numbers, does he just see me as weak?? is he playing his big stack?? I really didnt know so I just shoved hoping to see QK, AK, AQ, flush or straight draw obvs he had the AJ an I was out.

I posting it here hoping for some advice. Did I basically out think myself pre flop? 90% of the time here I am 3 bettin here without a doubt, sometimes shoving.
I think the flop call wasnt bad, maybe should of raised to see were I was, but looking back I think I probly fold the turn as most of time he shows me the J here. But this was a top 10 pot approaching the bubble and I am sick of min cashing I really thought maybe he's at it and if I win this hand, who knows. Plus am not drawing completly dead. Anyway sick as fuck


  1. The as you say you should have re-raised Pre-flop. As he could have been trying to steal with anything, and you could have narrowed it by way if his reaction. As its doubtful he would have called the 3bet or even min raise with say a Q8. But even if you played it like that as you did with the flop you just called again, with the turn you move all-in with now also a straight and 2 flish draws, and he has you way covered. Think the main problem was just the flat calling, I am no expert, but I think I would have raised pre-, and post flop for info as thats is such a scary 4 card board, and the KK looks so pretty.
    One thing about being a great player(I am definatly not near yet) that I am still learning is to fold some hands like that when you can tell you are beat, hard but sometimes you have too. Also a lot of videos say make the money then go for the thropy. But yes min cashes suck when you been playing for hours, and so want to get deep.

    Good Luck next time.

  2. I know mate, worst things is I know every mistake in the hand. Normally 3 bet KK here everytime pre and the AJ folds, then your right on the turn its an instant fold as played but I just hoped he was drawing, or maybe aq qk 2 clubs etc

  3. argh, looks horrible to me mate. I like slow playing big hands too and i guess it could have worked out really well here but for a sick flop. i probs just 3 bet pre and take it down. The intial raise is only a min bet isnt it really esp with ra's and by flatting u can sometimes price in the blinds with randoms.

  4. I think I'd repop it preflop and avoid this situation completely. I seem to try and outplay people too much with big pairs and have been bitten more times than I care to remember!

  5. thanks lads, i should always 3 bet here and would normally, being greedy tryin to extract the maximum an got bummed, we live an learn!

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