Friday, 20 November 2009

Christmas Grind!!!

After withdrawing last months profits and my roll I was bit pissed off tbh, even though I had no choice. Xmas is expensive and the money has come in handy and also got me some brownie points with the chick. I was meant to be takin a break from playin poker and do more on the studyin side ready for a non stop grind in the new year startin at the $16s on a new site w/ rakeback. I did analyse quite a few hands for the 1st time ever and some of the things I seen were quite shocking.

After mullin through thousands of hands I obvs got the urge to play a lil game so deposited £25 on pokerstars an played the $22/5k an came 14/980 for $180 so close to the final losin 2 standard flips. I then won 2 $16/18 man turbos for $216 an its gave me a little role so my plan is to grind out $3 18/45/90/180 turbos between now an christmas moving up as i have the buy ins. Why I am bothering doin it to meself I dont know but am ready for some redic beats, 4 new mouses, 3 new keyboards and probably a screen, with work commitments I will try my best to get 100 games in a day an al post the results every monday.

gl fish

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  1. Iknow how that is mate...still have no real roll after withdrawing it all for a summer holiday with the mrs!! :(