Thursday, 12 November 2009

100 games finished

Played the 100 donk n go's, took me 3 days because of work. Bit pissed off tbh because I made some stupid mistakes and it could of been different with a nice top 10. Games are sick because of the amount of hands you're seeing obv mean bad beats seem like they're constantly coming an you gotta keep on reminding yourself its standard but seein so many in such a short space of time is a killer

played 100 - 1450 points which should see me in top 25

Profit - $162
ROI - 55.3%

You have to run so good but play good right across the 100 games, when 8 tabling though its pretty tough when youve been in work all day! O well theres time for another shot this week an I play better at weekends!


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