Monday, 9 November 2009

Battle Of The Planets Promo...

20 games played last night:
$3.40 - 18 Man Turbos
1st x 0
2nd x 4
3rd x 3
4th x 4 - 312

no were near the top 10 as you're looking at about 450 points, sick thing is I had 300 points after the 1st ten games then ran like [censored] in the last 10 games, also ran like [censored] heads up and when ITM

If hands like this held, then who knows?

4% on the river

ROI 79.7%
ITM- 52.6%
Won- $51.50+
hours 5.4
H/R $9.48

deffo havin another go look at these 5 hands, this is how bad the play actually is, you will laught at these: - SERIOUSLY?? WTF guy in the bb has 600 invested an folds my all in for 295 more into 2045, 7/1 ffs! - Blinds 200/400 i shove 2bb UTG an the guy in the BB folds for 570 into 1.5k WITH 5K behind - guy limps in then snaps off my 15bb Shove with 89 - I mis raise to 1800 with 500 behind (meant to go all in) an the chip leader flats, then FOLDS my 500 into 4k with 11k behind, WTF? - top pair 10 kicker, WP!


  1. Its too difficult to even consider goin for the 20 block lad. You'll occasionally run like god, but the 100 even outs the variance.


  2. yeah thats whay I thought m8, finished 87 so far this week an I have 1293 points, 1650 would be top 3 i think so run good in me last 13 please