Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Nice Little Win - Omaha H/L

After some bubbles, min/medium MTT cashes and breaking even/losing on my SNG's I decided I would play some Omaha H/L for a change, its me dads favourite game an he taught me the basic concepts of it plus I have read 'Farha on Omaha' which is quite a good read and as sammy himself said, when it comes to omaha "no one knows what sammy knows".

Now tournament poker is generally the same, in terms of the way you approach it, regardless of the game you're playing but the $5 NL/Omaha H/L [Ante Up] tournament on stars is unique as they come, but its also quite fun and enjoyable, I recommend it to anyone. Basically the Antes go up each level and the blinds stay at 5/5. There is certainly lots of dead money, people doing silly things like raising 3 x blind (5) into pots of 1k+ lol. I was involved in plenty of hands from start to finish being aggressive, hittin flops and gettin decent starting hands. All ins galore to the point were you could wait for your big hand and call, one lad called my AKK2 double suited with 789T, rainbow for a big pot, now were playing H/L here and he plays the dead on medium cards, wp! In the end I had that big of stack I would call off with any 4 against the shorties and win. I ended up coming 2/173 for $138. We were heads up for ages and deep, it was late and I could see it would be a long boring slog, he asked me to chop, I mean we were playing for $50, to which I replied I would flip him every hand for fun til some one won, he kept saying "after chop" lol, in the end we carried one til I flopped trips - but so did he and he filled up on the turn. A little disappointed as it would have been nice to win for winnings sake and it could of been an easy fold to his allin on the turn, but I was fuckin knackered an on a lil tilt from...

... I also played the $22 PLO H/L $3k guaranteed which ended up getting 326 runners paying 45 with a prize pool of $6,520 and $1,225 ftw. I ended up busting 15/326 with AA7Kcc against A8Q5 for a 80k top 5 pot approaching the FT, why the fuck he didnt just fold pre flop is beyond me. I didn't like the flop but there was now way I was folding once I had commit ed so much pre. Maybe the wrong move and I would like to know if any has any advice on the way played the hand, which is here -

SnG's are turning round a little, while playing them 2 tournies. I 4 tabled the $1.75 18 man turbos on stars, done 5 sets of 4 and made a profit lol but never broke into the top 10 of the LB which are basically your best score for each set of 20 you do in a given week, ended up get 395 points, 480-600 seems to be average in all divisions for top ten. I then tried the $3-5 division an broke even an got no were on the leader board still 4 left to play with 177 points, probs need to win all 4 lol . I will have a shot at $5-10 division this week and a couple more at the lower ones. They are fun and give you something to aim for. Plus nice little prizes, especially if you win, but MTT's are were the money are so I will be doing my best to play more of them

got to step 3 this week with me FPPs, but bubbled step 4 ($215 dollar tourny ticket), with KK>QQ AIPF, sick!

I have also lost alot on SNGs in the last 2 weeks and my bank roll was down to $90 at one point, I went on sick tilt played a $27 18 manner and won it for $180, then reverted back to a 50 buy in minimum. It seems I do better at higher buy ins, one things for sure trying to build a bank roll from scratch at micro limits by playing SNG's is proving to be one painful, stressful and variance hit experience, take down that Sunday mill one time pleaseeeee


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  1. I have seen those Ante up tourny's too and thinking of giving them a bash too. I agree on the SNG stress, given up playing SST SNG's now and moving more to the MMT versions.