Wednesday, 1 July 2009

God Help Me!

Seriously do not know what the fuck i have to do to win on these SNG's, you just try mixing variance, with donks and pokerstars an watch how quick you lose your money! I am down like 15 buyins since yesterday but just look why, seriously, these will make you laugh if you havin a bad day!!

KK no good against J8sooooted -

obviously aces are no good -

flop a king high flush, ye thanks pokerstars -

what do i have to do? -

set under set -

ye you re-raise my pot size bet on the flop, all in, with A9 high and ZERO fold equity -

AK beat AJ??? dont be silly -

KK>A8 - say no more -

win one important race please? - - watch how bad this play is here, a raise an 4 flat callers ffs, I knew my AQ was clearley the best hand, i never really belive the original riaser lol an unless someone was settin up a squeeze, which I doubt any1 had the brains to do anyway an if they did I werent in the mood to believe them

Now these are only a few, every hand I go with as 50/50 I lose, whether i have the overs or the pair, its just so frustrating. I am losing 70/30''s left right an centre, the few times I go in as a 60/40 or 70/30 dog I seem to win, its fucked up! I do think after tryin to evaluate it all that I am puttin me chips in a little bit to early, now even tho I am ahead maybe i should be folding these hands pre flop in the early stages, but then the blinds go up that quick you just blind out or end up have to push with hands like KT etc, which judging by pokerstars might not be such a bad idea

maybe its just variance an it is a small sample an I should just keep playing but I just feel like I am pissing in the wind and the more I play the more I'll lose. Or you hit your flush and your scared someone gotta higher one, or your start thinkin your sets not good, or lay top pair cos you know hes gotta flush draw, an you know the fuckers gonna hit!

any advice will be greatly welcomed!!



  1. Hey I know just how you feel it sucks when every good hand gets some donk calling or shoving with trash. I went on a 70 game upswing but since have had a 70 game or so downwing. with everything getting cracked.
    Take a look at the hand history I posted in my blog early this week from a HU SNG I played, make you want to scream.

    Hope you can turn it around soon.

  2. stay positive, 15 buy in downswings are quite normal. Keep grinding and playing your best and good things will happen.

  3. online poker = bullshit.

    still can't get enough of it though.