Monday, 29 June 2009

Sunday Warm Up, SNG Progress and EFC

Ok so I won a step 4 ticket on stars and decided to play the Sunday warm up. You cant convert the ticket to cash or tourney dollars and I didn’t fancy going beyond step 4 so thought fuck it, warm up it is and decided I would take it down and leave work, yeah obv that didn’t happen.
I woke up Sunday went the gym then a little barbecue at me brothers and I was feeling good by the time 5pm came. I was a lil apprehensive about playing as I had been running badddd in SNGs but thought fuck it my luck has to change sometimes so I fired stars up an regd for the warm up and I had built my stack up to 16k an feeling pretty good when this happens. now I think I played the hand well, I made the 3 bet big enough to say something along the lines of, I know your raising light but I aint 3 betting light you cunt, however he found a monster that is A4off and a 4bet/shove. I actually considered folding for like 1 millionth of a second but it weren’t me tourney life so I thought fuck this and snapped lol,. Hard to blame him as I had been 3 betting alot, to the table it must of seemed I was playing loose aggressive and in a way I was, and I was happy as I had been trying to set this hand up, only to get dry bummed when I did o well . I then proceeded to go through the rollercoaster of emotions and ended up 25/620 when the bubble burst and i was feeling real good thinkin just one time maybe?? anyway I knew big flips were gonna be key then I lost this one which pissed me off big time, the villain had been raising alot in position but with only 10 bbs why hadnt he open shoved?? 10bb and a min raise is either ultra strong or ultra stupid, anyway I just couldnt accept a strong hand wouldnt just shove here, if he is AA/KK then why play it in a way in which its obvious?? I once read if in doubt shove, plus I had him covered so took the gamble. I couldnt get nothing going then open shoved QQ 12bb UTG and button moon found the pokerstars nutzzz that is AK off and called, heres the exit hand Anyway all in all thats 2 warm ups, 2 cashes and good experience, the play is questionable and if i just ran better or stopped going card dead in the end game then who knows. It only cost me $7.50 for a $410 score so cant complain. I am in step 3 again so another sunday major could be on the cards again this sunday. I have had min cahses in the daily 30K lol, 3 dollars for 3 hours work jsut doesnt do it for me, I may play the $11PLO tonight for fun, I will not play a higher buy in than $11 again unless I sat into it or the roll allows, its a shame cos I really enjoy MTTs and on my day I can play well in them

In my SNG progress I really dont know whats going on because I still havent got poker tracker up an running and wont do until tomorrow. I should be up, however I have lost a bit of money being an absolute WANKER in cashgames and MTT's. I hate meself for doing it and could easily have had more of a roll after me 1st post. These Stars $6 MTTSNG and STTSNG are just so sick its untrue. I cant wait to really analyze it through poker tracker because some of the shit you see in them is unbelievable an its hard to not tilt, sometimes I even get the 'if you cant beat them join them syndrome' and go in 70/30 dog yet win, after crying over losing me last 10 70/30 faves in a row lol. On the face of it it seems the odds just dont way up. Yes the play is ridiculous, you would think that makes it easier, but if the odds arent adding up then it can make it harder. I havent made close runs on the leaderboards but no top 10 yet. I have $600 so may even try the $10/13 buyins an see what happens

My worst beat,
2nd hand, needed the points for the leader borad, in fact this one has just happened in the last ten mins lol this is what your dealing with on pokerstars

KK - flops a set, still no good I did consider JQ but thought if he has the bollocks (which is unlikley) i still have 20% equity, o well -

denegenarate tales:
  • 100NL pissed all or nothing shot, ended up with nothing obvs

  • 50NL pissed all or nothing, lost

  • $20 rebuy pissed, rebought 3 times then quit lol i was bladdered, so $80 down, grrrrrrrrr

  • $44 6max MTT, this one i was sober an really felt I could do something, played it 3 times last year an came 12/256, 11/285 something like that and a min cash, I was doing really well until at 4 handed i had KK>QQ AIPF and the board ran AQJ58, still shouldnt of played it due to roll reasons and my new mission, but I really like the shorthandedness and short fields the tourny offers


Well pretty quiet down at goodison, we do need to add to the squad but the main thing for me is keeping players this summer. The chelski of the north, shittee are sniffing round Lescott whos statement didnt do much to ease my fears, now the price is £18 mill plus micah richards, if we get that then I cant complain as we paid £4m 2 years ago, lets face it richards was england class 2 years ago til mark hughes took over, and lescott was in the 1st division til moyes took a risk, I think moyes will turn that round, lescott will die off and richards will come back in the england squad if the move goes through, I really rate moyes that highly. As for lescot, go an play for a 2nd rate manager, a club with no history, fans as exciting as me nan (an shes dead). Mark Hughes wont the last the season an the next manager migh not even want you. So if you art going to turn ya back on the manager who has given you premier league football, 2 wembley appearances and european football, fans that our passionate an the best in the business, a club with more history than city can ever buy and the uncertainty of whats going to happen in the future, then we dont want you anyway you mercenary, FUCK OFF
The main one for me is one who not many have yet heard off, but beleive me, you will! Jack Rodwell, people are making comparison to ferdinand when he was 21 and this lad is only just 18. Towering performance beyond is years in the U21's with stuart pearce licking his arse refutely. Now the rumor is sir red nose is sniffing round another of our big stars and lining up a 18 mill bid. I have heard that he wants to stay if moyes play him Centre half. Moyes has been playing him in a 5 man midfield to get him used to the prem an comfortable on the ball but looks like he may be our centreback next year, I for one would have no qualms throwing him in the deep end.

Thanks and GL - Roll - $580


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