Monday, 15 June 2009


Ok so were do I start? My names Garry and I have been playing poker from scratch for just over a year and like many when I first started I was awful at the game however my game is progressing nicely. Poker is one of my 3 loves in life, the other 2 being my beautiful gf Hannah and Everton FC.

My main in problem in poker has always been my bankroll/bankroll management, or should I say the lack of both. I would literally deposit $100 each month until it was gone. I have had some semi decent results, i have finaled the 5k $22 on stars twice and had a decent results in other tournies such as th warm up etc

This year I am really going to start having a real go at the game. I have built a $20 deposit on stars up to $360 were I will be playing exclusively the $6 18 manners and $5 27 manners giving me 50 buy ins at each level. I will then move up the stakes when and only when I have 50 buy ins, 50 buy ins should be a sufficient roll as the players are pretty poor. I probs shouldn't be playing on stars as the rakeback system doesn't exist an the FPP system will only benefit you more as you move up the stakes.

Stars do however run a battle of the planets promotion and I think by disciplining myself i can take advantage of them. I have had 12th and 14th place finishes in them, however the top 10 is were you want to be. Its a good payout for 1st plus you get a freeroll 50k shout out if your in the top ten

So why am I blogging when only playing small stakes?? Well basically the blog is to discipline myself, learn of others and for fun. It will be interesting to see if I can stick to it and I look forward to recording my results

I will be getting poker tracker or hold em manager at the end of the month but dont know whats best so any advice would be welcome??? I will start posting graphs and charts recording my rersults weekly along with my worst bad beats of the week :-) loool!!! I will be looking at my results from this moment on not previous to this as obvs my results from when I 1st started are pathetic

screen names:

stars - badcallthat
tilt - givemerockets
cake - CryMeARiver

I only have any sort of sample on stars and even thats not high enough, I will be playing the others more regulary when my roll increases.

I can get you a 33% rakeback, $600 deposit sign up bonus and a weekly $100 freeroll on cake if your interested just let me know

right GL me and wish me luck in my small to high stakes mission!!

GL all - Roll $360


  1. gl mate, if u wanna good deal on ipoker then gimme a shout ;-)

  2. cheers mate, al need it after last nights start! can i get rakeback on ipoker??

  3. yo m8 thanks for the blog comment wishing me luck in my prop bet! i'm gonna add ya to my blog roll :)